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My articles in Thought Catalog (here and here) and Medium did this to me. My scanty word count (22K words) is also to blame as I am considering whether to use my time to read or to feed my Google document. The point is, I didn’t manage to read more articles than I should have for this month. Anyway, here is another batch of articles I have read that you might like to check:

Why you shouldn’t be ‘yourself’ at work
Von sent me this article which I found amusing. To be honest, when I have Interview Courses with my students, I don’t give this piece of advice. I wouldn’t even land a job had I followed this. Who would want to hire a stubborn, arrogant, couch-potato?

The Big Green Book: Robert Graves and Maurice Sendak’s Little-Known and Lovely Vintage Children’s Book About the Magic of Reading

Reading transforms people. What we read is a big factor to what we can become. Now that I am currently poring over Jung’s Psychological Types, I can say this confidently.

The Fascinating Activities of Community Pubs in Britain

The idea that pubs are converted to a family center or Poetry center is fascinating. What a way to enrich culture!

7 Harry Potter Theories, Deathly Hallows

As you know, I haven’t gotten over the Harry Potter hype. It turns out I have absolutely no reason to get over the books because of Wizarding Book Club. It is always fascinating to know that more people out there have analyzed the books more deeply than I can ever could and even managed to formulate their own ideas regarding the novels’ conclusion.

The everyday habits that reveal our personalities

Honestly, articles like this make me drop the book I am currently reading and just look for related articles. I was halfway out the door to look for more books on Machiavellianism when I realized where I was.

Does Your Accent Make You Sound Smarter?

My honest answer? Yes.

Can a Fear of Getting Fired Make You Work Harder

There have been numerous debates about putting pressure on employees but we still don’t know how much is enough.

How we ruined mindfulness

It’s true that we have lost the meaning of carpe diem but I don’t see any problem with a highly ‘individualistic world.’  Or I have had too much of Ayn Rand’s Anthem.


If you do have recommendations for me to read, Blog posts, Articles or Short Stories, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



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