A Realization, Stranger than Fiction

Joe Kerr and I finished this movie the other night and I can’t help but think…

This is the kind of literature I want to write.

As a writer, I am also plagued by bouts of mental block, a sudden lack of inspiration, creativity drought. People who don’t run out of things to say nor write are certainly admirable but I find it useless to ‘recreate’ a story in a genre where many aspiring writers thrive. Who am I to assume that a plot consisting of boy-meets-girl-and-live-happily-ever-after can be made better by my purple prose?

However, those classic novels, those epic movies that a huge number of audience in Rotten Tomatoes failed to appreciate, they have withstood the test of time because they tend to attack Literature in its most vulnerable part- Originality.


Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own writers have made romance and fantasy their domain and I dare not try to nurture myself in that soil where various weeds can grow. Take away the kisses, the lovey-dovey stares, the touch of the characters bodies, and you will be left without a soul. However, there are powerful writers there, whom I respect; how they patiently weaved plots, how they brought their readers to look at a scene from a different point of view that you can’t help but wonder: Why is this a fanfiction? Why couldn’t she have written a work of her own? Why is this for FREE?

It may take ten years, like Karen Eiffel, who have succumbed to being ‘good enough.’ But my dream is bigger than that. I still believe it’s not bad to hope for something that can outlast the writer.

I hope mine does.

Kudos, Zach Helm for the wonderful screenplay which, I assure you is worth more than 62 Rotten tomatoes.



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