MARCH Articles

I’ve been wanting to do this project for a long time. My Goodreads READ-shelf shows I’ve been too into Japanese comic books recently (so far 58 books out of 60 are comic books lol) so I thought reading articles in my spare time will even things out. How am I planning to execute this?  I had considered…

Student of the Week

Teacher: When do we use the Passive sentences? Student: When we are forced to…

I am Not That Jazz (or how I see myself as an INTJ)

Putting a label on one’s personality is quite hard. With each passing day, we grow and develop our characters influenced by our society, the things we read, we see, and we feel and these factors help us perceive things in different angles and respond to them accordingly. Knowing this, you might think I don’t like…

TBR 2017

These are the books I am definitely going to read after my Harry Potter and One Piece marathons–yep, I am not yet done and I am running out of excuses. I know it is quite late compared to others who have already started their reading challenges this year but hey! We do have our own…

Student of the Week

I don’t want to work overtime and I want to spend my time with my lovely family. I have sweet children. -TIM

Student of the Week

Whenever I pronounce ‘Plural’ it sounds like I’m kissing somebody. -M

Teacher of the Week

Tim, a student: I want to learn English because I want to travel around the world. Teacher Von: But most people in France don’t speak English. Silence————– Teacher Von: *thinks* I think I just destroyed his dream.