Washi Lovin’


Because my planner needs some loving…

Processed with MOLDIV

I finally found some Washi tapes!

From the stocks available in National Bookstore, SM MegaMall, this set looks the best. There was one in particular with a tape dispenser but since Washi tapes can be torn so I don’t think I’ll be needing that. Besides, the design was iffy.

This set retails for 92 PHP, which I think is not so bad for 5 rolls of Washi tapes. I’ve read from some Craft blogs that I can easily spot some in Daiso so I will check in Trinoma if I could find some.

And in case you’re wondering, that little guy right there, I also bought today because I can’t find where my old Pilot Birdie (review, here) anywhere T^T. (Update: I found it today [170120] in the pen pocket of my backpack. Blame it’s tiny and sleek body lol)




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