Manga Monday #5- Top 10 Anime Characters

I tagged myself to Manga Monday by Bailey of Nerd of New York.

Re: Organization of the characters.
Since favorites tend to change over time, I have organized my answers this way: #1 My most favorite character and #2-10 the rest. LOL I cannot simply put the others in order of which I love more simply because. Don’t worry. I kept this list to 10. XD

You can find Bailey’s answers here.

1. Akira Sendoh, Slam Dunk

I had to reconsider a lot of characters in my list but not my most favorite one and that is Akira Sendoh, my ultimate crush, my husband in the anime world.



I have fallen head over heels in love with this character since I was in third year high school. When other girls in my class were so busy thinking about their short term relationships,  I started my devotion to this guy and the proof of my devotion for him is evident in the important documents of my life.

I know that my answer as to whom I like the most won’t change so I put him at the top.

Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

Who cannot love him? Tall, handsome, intelligent, quite,caring and has green thumb! He’s a total package…aside from the fact that he looks more gorgeous than half of the girls in the anime spectrum.


But apart from aesthetics, I like him because he can become so deadly when pushed to the limits.

Niou Masaharu, Prince of Tennis


I was a Fuji Syuusuke fan until I saw this guy. If you are someone looking for an intense tennis player, you can trust this Petenshi.

Honestly, I kept asking myself whether Takuya of Cross Gene could play him in TENIMYU. He doesn’t need to fake his mole. ^_^

Portgas D Ace, One Piece

Find me someone who doesn’t like Ace and someone who didn’t after watching Episode 483rd! That’s a bit of a spoiler but who cares lol.



I love my brothers so much that seeing Ace’s affection for Luffy even though they are not related has touched me. And I guess it’s his Mera Mera power that did me in. Who better represent fire than a cool, half-naked pirate, casually walking down the street-or cruising the entire world?

Monkey D Luffy, One Piece

Of course, Luffy definitely makes it to my list of favorite characters. He’s a funny leader who will do everything to save his crew. Like any stereotypical lead characters in anime, he loves to eat, makes fun of himself, and has a knack of making even his former enemies love him.


But no matter how familiar and over-used his characteristics are, I still love him.


It’s because no matter how strong he is, he lets his crew do this to him. lol

Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

I have a penchant for mysterious guys in animations particularly this cold-blooded assassin who plays as a circus acrobat when he is off-duty. The last time I saw Gundam Wing was when I was in High School and it has been a long time ago and I remember not being able to understand his background story,

Kaneki Ken, Tokyo Ghoul


Watching Tokyo Ghoul, I didn’t expect to love Kaneki Ken. As a protagonist, he was very similar to most of the guys who were bullied first and ended up being the coolest kid in campus! Then again, his character has gone through a major personality shift as he transitions from being a half-ghoul to …being more than a ghoul!

Naru, Barakamon 

I absolutely love Naru! At last! After seeing child-like anime characters  who turned out to be deadly assassins, form-changing mentors and all, I find Naru so refreshing. She can take anyone back to the days of their childhood when innocence and freedom mattered more than anything (sheesh I’ve become so sentimental).

Sunako Nakahara, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Definitely a bad-ass character, Sunako Nakahara is  sees the beauty of those around her and totally taking herself for granted. She knows her strength without giving too much attention on her own beauty.

Karin, Bt’X

There is something about this character that I love so much. Maybe it is her loyalty, or the lack of characterization that has pushed me to come up with a number of fanfictions revolving around her.

I know she’s not the strongest character in there; she often needs to be saved. However, as her story has ended with the knights dying, I don’t have any clue if she has recalled Karen being her sister. All we know is she is still hopelessly in love with Fou. Somehow, I like that. XD


Coming up with this list has made me realize that I hardly patronize female anime characters! Sorry, I actually dreamed of marrying an anime character when I was younger so most of my choices were males. What I also notice is apart from Luffy, Sunako and Kaneki, all the rest are merely side-characters! It’s not that I don’t care about main characters but I just feel the others have more stories to tell so that’s why.

That is it for my top 10 anime characters. There are more worth mentioning but I don’t want this post to be longer and I do believe there will be another post for that one. See you next week for another Manga Monday.


Disclaimer: All the images are not mine. ^_^



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