Manga Monday #2: What is the scariest anime you ever watched?

I tagged myself to Manga Monday by Bailey of Nerd of New York.

Having watched Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titans, I never thought I’d see another anime that could scare me–more like disgust me in the process. It’s a story about this girl who has an insatiable desire to eat human flesh until she goes through a disgusting metamorphosis… simply reminds me of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the movie District 9, both I wish I could permanently delete from my memory.



Runners Up

Attack on Titan – the soundtrack and story line will distract you, I promise.


Tokyo Ghoul – the fight scenes are so awesome, you’ll love the ghouls!


I just remembered that the title of this Manga Monday is Scariest Anime, not the scariest anime you ended up loving (Tokyo Ghoul is FREAKING AWESOME). Ok, I’m going to stop now. XD


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