I tagged myself to Manga Monday by Bailey of Nerd of New York. To officially begin this, I enumerated the list of anime/manga that I love. Although my anime knowledge is particularly outdated, my top 3 remain the same (although I might feature runners up). I am not delving on my favorites since I will have to explain it again (topic #7 in Bailey’s list) so I thought I’d make a list of animations/manga that are really close to my heart:

3rd: ONE PIECE, Echiro Oda

The animation that made me review Japanese ^_^ It’s an ongoing series that I particularly love and I have no qualms about it apart from it being too long but that’s part of the fun.


2nd: Gundam Wing + Endless Waltz

The mysteriousness of the characters in this animation draws me to it, ’til now. Politics and war juxtaposed to love and peace are themes played well. Although for the target audience, I think it may have been too deep. I still love watching the anime and reading the manga.



Yep, I’m a sucker for boys on the court. I love the animation and the manga – I have watched the anime at least ten times, and read the manga, three. I can’t say no to the short basketball shorts either XP


Runners up:
In no particular order





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