Review: A World without Princes

Presidential Rating:   Date Read: 12 August 2016 President’s Favorite Characters: Hester, Anadil Summary:  After saving themselves and their fellow students from a life pitched against one another, Sophie and Agatha are back home again, living happily ever after. But life isn’t exactly a fairytale. When Agatha secretly wishes she’d chosen a different happy ending…

Nihongo101: にくい adj. difficult to do

左手で食べにくいです。 (Eating with the left hand is difficult.) フィリピン人とは日本語で話しにくいですよね。 (Speaking Japanese with a Filipino is difficult, isn’t it?) 毎年に一人で海外に行きにくいです。(Traveling alone every year is difficult.) 日本語試験の質問は答えにくいですか。(Is answering Japanese exam questions difficult?) 私の弟の宿題はとても難しくて解きにいくに手伝えない。(My brother’s homework is really difficult to solve so I cannot help him).

Blog Feature: For The Novel Lovers

The President, yours truly, received a message in Goodreads from a lovely lady, Jodie, and in the whirlwind of exchanged messages, the interview instantly happened right there and then. Read on to find out what For the Novel Lovers has to offer. I have been reviewing for about a year on my blog. I started because…

160924 Teacher of the Week

Student: Why did you start work at 10am and you will go home later at midnight? Maria: Because I’m stupid. Student laughs. Maria: How about you? How many hours did you work today? Student: 15 hours. So I’m more stupid. I win. A Teacher who likes to work overtime and her competitive student ^_^

Nihongo 101: AがBたがっている (thinking/talking about wanting to do something)

Ex: 妹はいえを出て一人で生活したがっています。(My sister is thinking about living independently) シン君はたくさん甘いものを食べたがっています。(Shin is thinking about wanting to eat sweets) タクヤ君がドラマを見たがっています。(Takuya is talking about wanting to see a drama) サンミン君が今踊りたがっています。(Right now, Sangmin is thinking about wanting to dance) セヨン君とヨンソク君は食事を用意をしたがっています。(Seyoung and Yongseok are thinking about preparing meals). カースパさんは次のアルバムのために運動したがっています。(Casper, preparing for the next album, is thinking about exercising).

Blog Feature: Sushi and Adobo

Today’s Blog Feature highlights two of my favorites, Japan and my Yeobo-my ever-patient mentor in 日本語、a superb friend of mine. Sushi and Adobo is not your typical travel/personal blog. What does your blog offer? My blog offers random topics about Japan. The 3 categories I set are: 1. Did you know? – This covers my…