Blog Feature: For The Novel Lovers

The President, yours truly, received a message in Goodreads from a lovely lady, Jodie, and in the whirlwind of exchanged messages, the interview instantly happened right there and then. Read on to find out what For the Novel Lovers has to offer.


I have been reviewing for about a year on my blog. I started because I was reading a lot and my partner told me to do something constructive with it so I started my blog. I have worked with a variety of authors from big name to up and coming authors. I have also worked with other bloggers in running giveaway and interviews on our respective blogs. We have also been known to help each other with reviews i.e. blogger A gets a book she doesn’t like so she sends it to blogger B who reads and reviews it on her behalf but gets mentioned as the reviewer on blogger A’s site.
What does your blog offer?

My blog offers reviews, giveaways, author interviews, first looks, cover reveals, and hopefully in the near future blog tours

What inspired you to put up a blog?

My partner he told me I should do some constructive with the amount of books I read and reviewing was the most obvious channel.

How often do you post updates?

I try to post something everyday whether it’s a TBR update, or a review.

Do you accept author contributions in your blog?

I do author interviews but I have had an author yet ask me to contribute to my blog so I am not sure how it works. If you know how it works I would love to know also.

Don’t forget to visit: For the Novel Lovers for updates, author interviews, book reviews etc.

Author contributions vary from blog to blog. I, for one, would like to accept articles regarding education and reading.



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