Review: BFG (Movie)


Rated G
Presidential rating: 3.4/5
Break down
Script: 5
Plot: 3
Actors: 4
Special Effects: 5


The BFG is movie that a family can enjoy but not to the fullest- as a grandma behind my seat in the theater audibly whispered, some scenes are too dragging for grownups, and maybe for the youngsters exposed to explosions here and there. There are a number of funny lines that linguists will probably enjoy but for an average movie goer who is after entertainment and action, this I am afraid, may not reach your standards, particularly if you are not somewhere from 10-15 years old.

Since I hadn’t read the book (The BFG, here) before seeing the movie, I was not able to fully grasp what BFG’s job was. Was he like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman? If he was, it could have been established better by giving -blowing is more like it-the dreams, say in a street before focusing on one family. Then again, I am no Roald Dahl nor Steven Spielberg.

The movie has focused on the relationship of Sophie and BFG which I consider very adorable but nonetheless cliche as there have been many stories about children befriending monsters, animals [Cinderella], extraterrestrials [E.T.] and even giants [hello, a posteriori text characters, Harry Potter and Hagrid].

Yes, the BFG’s first scenes are amazing-how he is able to camouflage himself and run for miles, the earth shaking with each step. And of course, seeing the queen of England and her minions farting has been a treat because I would not be given a chance to see it again. However, there was a child in me looking forward to how Sophie and BFG would eventually vanquish the giants but I ended getting so disappointed. Kudos to UK’s army anyway.

I approve of the ending though. I don’t believe that children’s stories should always be full of happy ever afters but The BFG has hope in it– Sophie looking out the window and whispering ‘Good morning BFG’ and the giant hearing her from a distance, which puts a smile on his wrinkled face.


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