Nihongo 101: Are Post-its Necessary?


Does using post-its really help in studying Nihongo?

In the beginning, I thought it was not necessary. I merely used a journal to jot down words and expressions I needed to remember. However, as grammar structures became more complex and Kanji became a pain to memorize, I had to give in and swallow my useless pride.

Yeobo posted different words and expressions around the room so wherever I looked I got the feeling that I was indeed studying Japanese. I had to admit that it took sometime getting used to seeing Kanji as soon as I woke up but it was worth it.

jlpt post its 4
Yeobo’s posts and mine, strategically posted beneath the top bunkbed, first things I see in the morning

I even posted a number of Kanji in my work station as it helps me recognize them-albeit this is not good if you’re learning how to write because you don’t need to count the strokes anymore. You can use an App called Kanji Q for that. For more, see here.

jlpt kanji practice
all them kanjis

What a learner must remember then is to group the words accordingly, be it according to grammatical functions, or how they look like. Some recommend putting post-its on the actual things like boxes or television but I find that messy so I just put them somewhere I can easily see.

JLPT post its
a wall of Japanese inspiration ^-^

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  1. locksleyu says:

    While I can see how post-it notes could be useful, I’ve been studying Japanese for awhile and never used them (not including basic flash cards here).

    I guess it just depends on your lifestyle. While I could see it would be cool to put stuff on a physical wall, I think it might be more efficient to do this in digital. Like put something like post-in notes on your laptop’s background, or something like that.

    I think posting stuff on the wall would be most effective for single Kanji characters, since you can look at those at a glance while passing by. But anything more advanced than that (like lines and lines of grammar stuff) means you have to stop and stare at it for awhile. If you are going to do that, you might as well just sit down on a computer or desk.

    Like all “crutches”, it can be very helpful for a certain period of your development. But I think after a point, it’s best to try to become so you can learn w/o such aids.

    But anyway, nice post!


    1. prexybasco says:

      I also approve of digital post-its, things that will help people remember ^-^ It’s just a tip for those who are groping in the dark, finding some techniques on how they can self-study Nihongo. As you may have noticed, I didn’t even include this in my last post re: Self Studying Japanese you can find here:

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