Re: New Format and Policies

Dear Beloved Readers, Writers, Students, Teachers,

Happy New Year! Let us all welcome 2015 with a bang: with our arms wide open for learning, with eyes intent on reading and scrutinizing works of literature, with ears willing to listen if they haven’t been rendered deaf by firecrackers.

I would like to share with you the happy news: The Viter-Ybasco University has turned a year old! This institution unofficially started in November of 2013 as a revolt to power-hungry school administrators. It started with the idea of being the voice of empowered students and teachers who believed –and still believe– that education cannot be confined in the four corners of the classroom. So far, we were able to post reviews of books and movies, even rants and praises for institutions, educators, and students in 2014. We were productive.

We will not stop there.

2015 holds a lot of promises for us. As our institution matures, and hopefully the President does too, we will expand our topics and analysis of literature. We will add an “Articles” tag where the President will react upon articles written and posted in various educational websites. We will also post recommendations and clarifications of words, grammatical structures in “Languages” (not exclusively for English-users)  where readers and followers can submit interesting words and idiomatic expressions for posting.

Our existing tag “Student of the Week” will be paired with “Teacher of the Week.” Readers once again are encouraged to submit a piece about their favorite teachers and students.

We should like to begin this year with accomplishments in the previous year. As an example, here are the accomplishments of the dear President, yours truly, in 2014:

  1. Got a new worthwhile job
  2. Went to Palawan with the Wasak Gang.
  3. Went to Sagada with GMA peeps
  4. Conducted a seminar in Pampanga sponsored by Vibal Publishing, Inc.
  5. Started working in the office
  6. Bought new phones for myself and my mom
  7. Had more friends
  8. Read thirty books including A Song of Ice and Fire
  9. Wrote my own novel TBC – To Be Continued
  10. Hosted a graduation ceremony
  11. Hosted Hitutor’s Christmas Party
  12. Updated The Viter-Ybasco University blog

Our readers may list their accomplishments in the comment section, provide their names and their occupation (instructor or student) and we will honor you a post here in our institution as the first “Student/Teacher of the Week.”
The first term for our second year in the e-world has officially started. Let us all be productive.

Yours most respectfully,

President JDV Ybasco


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