A Pinocchio in all of us

A reflection on human behavior by Jahzeel Dionne V. Ybasco When I was an undergrad, one of my professors asked us to come up with crazy excuses if ever we came to class late. Some of her examples were “There was an earthquake, the ground split in two and out came Superman” , “I saw…

Student of the Week: Allen Lee

Staying in the company you don’t like is like eating vegetables. You know it is good for your health but you cannot convince yourself it’s delicious.

Michelle 14005: Accomplishments in 2014

1. I quit my job and BECAME an English Consultant. 2. I got a boyfriend. 3. I went to Korea again to visit my friends. 4. I found a new job and the salary is higher than the previous ones. 5. I continued studying Korean until last month. 6. I bought another class in Hitutor….

Re: New Format and Policies

Dear Beloved Readers, Writers, Students, Teachers, Happy New Year! Let us all welcome 2015 with a bang: with our arms wide open for learning, with eyes intent on reading and scrutinizing works of literature, with ears willing to listen if they haven’t been rendered deaf by firecrackers. I would like to share with you the…