August 2020 Articles

NOTE: I was sick for a couple of days and couldn’t finish this post ergo I’m publishing it in the first Saturday of September. This doesn’t mean the September articles will be pushed to October. Or it might just mean that.

I commend myself for successfully hitting the following goals for August:

  • Finish All the Wrong Questions series – I had an awesome sprint and finished the last two books in one day.
  • Skip 1000 times a day – I managed to reach the 1000 goal on August 26th, 27th, and 30th.
  • Finish an introductory course to Coding – It was a good ride.
  • Write two articles, minimum of 800 words each – Currently for review and oh, boy, patience really isn’t my strongest virtue.

A Star Went Supernova in 1987. Where Is It Now? (New York Times)

The birth of neutron stars have long been theorized and the fact that it can soon be observed, proven, corroborated, or disproved after the collapse of SN 1987A is exciting, Should the warm blob become a neutron star or a black hole, either way, astrophysicists will rejoice in the discovery. A number of science textbooks will be rewritten.

How to Show Kids the Joy of Reading (The Atlantic)

Fowler’s observation reflects how a number of students view reading: a chore. This adds up to the already heavy burden on teachers’ shoulders. Hollywood movies will often feature innovate educators that go beyond what is required of them and even challenge established school cultures- such is their passion for education and love for their students! Once again, the audience is deluded with the idea that teachers are superheroes, ready to face curriculum created by authorities head-on.

Is Resilience Overrated? (The New York Times)

This is one of those articles with titles that attract me and opening lines that capture my whole being: I want people to be proud of themselves for being resilient. I just don’t want it to be the only option. (Attenberg, The New York Times, 2020)

Attenberg expounds on how society defines resilience and how it burdens citizens in the end to the point of martyrdom. When does resilience start to be negative?

Being it, resilience, a double-edge sword, my take on it is I can choose when to be resilient and when to let go.

Let It Go! Moment GIF | Gfycat

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