Educational Mobile App Review: RakugakiAR

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I was not paid whatsoever to create this post and I’m basically sharing my interest in this application.

Have you ever used an AR mobile app and asked yourself what it would be like if you could also use it for your own doodle or any cute character you want to move or interact with?

RakugakiAR allows users to experience augmented reality with their own doodles or any image they capture using their mobile phone. Users simply have to launch the app, allow the application to use the camera, point at the image and click scan. You will get an application that looks like this:

Wait as the scanned characters pop like a cardboard cutout and dance! Tapping on the screen puts fruit and fish for the characters to eat.

RakugakiAR also allows users to record what is happening on screen and share it to their social media accounts. The application also lets users to choose colors and doodle on the app area itself.

  • Developer: Whatever Inc.
  • File size: 81.8 MB
  • Price: Free (as of date of posting)
  • Download here: IOS

Rakugaki (落書き) means scribble in Japanese (according to my dictionary) and I’m not sure if the inspiration comes from that but what I like about the application is it doesn’t discriminate the image that will pop out on the screen and users can interact with it. The downside probably is it’s going to take a toll on users’ mobile phone batteries but that’s a usual problem with AR apps.

How effective is this for education?

Now that school operations are limited due to COVID 19, teachers, parents and learners turn to technology– online learning platforms or mobile application. Educators, may it be teachers handling online classes these days or parents in charge of their own learning, can spice up their quality time with children, particularly those in basic education, in learning new things using their very own textbooks or doodles. How fun will that be? Although it does not contain any useful content learners can pick up, it does make learning more interesting in this period of time when students can barely open their textbooks.

Have you ever used this application? Tell me what you think about it.


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