August 2019 Articles

Binge-watching The Big Bang Theory on Netflix again made my long-weekends fun-filled. It also reminded me that Sheldon’s remarks, although hilarious in the sitcom, don’t sit well with other people. Then again, he’s credible enough to say this:

What songs make you work out harder?

I normally just listen to ONE OK ROCK’s songs or The Greatest Showman’s sound tracks but David Robson posted a tweet asking for workout songs a couple of weeks ago and he delivered a well written article on a workout playlist. Now all I need to do is actually workout.

Why indoor air quality matters to our bodies and our brains

Have you ever wondered why you feel stuffy and what you can do to change that? This article brings a fresh perspective to those who are still pondering on getting diffusers or an aloe vera plant.

How the sound in your office affects your mood

Being an auditory learner, I have come to terms with external noise being out of my control since I started going to school. However, I can always choose what I listen to regardless of where I am. The simple act of choosing not to be affected by what’s going around in the workplace–be it gossip, hysterical laughter, derisive remarks, ongoing construction — in itself is liberating.

What is your average book rating?

Dani from Perspective of a Writer shares her average rating of books across the years and its possible indications. Before I got distracted by other stuff- e.g. number of pages I read in 2016- I managed to check my average rating for 2019: a whopping 4.0. I attribute this to my selection of reading materials. Interest, time and habit contribute to my average rating. As I have become more selective in choosing books or manga to read in the amount of time I have, it is not a surprise that the rated books often have 4-5 stars. I do not see book-ratings as a gauge of how good a reader is particularly when ratings are in fact subjective to personal interest.

How much of your body is your own? (BBC)

It’s an interesting way to get an overview of what makes my body my body though, I’m pretty sure that there’s a number of people with the same birthday, sex, height, and weight probably had the same results.

By the way, have you noticed that the titles of this month’s articles are WH questions or clauses?

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