Things to do in Bohol for Chill-Out Retreaters

Disclaimer: This is not a travel blog by any means so leave the trash comments somewhere else–Why am I suddenly being so defensive?

There are a number of tour packages being offered when one books an accommodation in Bohol so A month ago, my family and I spent a long weekend in and we immensely enjoyed ourselves there. I came up with a list of things a chill-out retreater such as myself could do in that lovely place.

1. Rent a motorcycle (Php 500/day).

Simply the cheapest and the easiest way to get around Tagbilaran and Panglao, riding a motorcycle also gives travelers the opportunity to drop by places not included in tour packages. Major roads in Bohol are well paved and relatively safe.

2. Visit the Nova Shell Museum in Panglao (Php 30-50).

Though I totally understand that visiting local museums is not usually one’s cup of tea, I also know that paying for entrance fee can definitely help preserve small institutions that still care to exhibit the evolution of local culture–for a minute there I was about to believe I was creating a paradox. The shell museum has potential but can seriously do well with funding and extra dusting. It houses a big collection of -surprise!- shells, coins, porcelain, and rocks.

3. Join the informative Bee Farm Tour (Php 30).

The tour is short and it covers the essentials. I have to give it to the resident tour guide for his expertise and sense of humor. He was stung about three times but he just walked it off. The highlight of the tour was holding the frames full of those busy bees which were so focused in their work and couldn’t even give their time of day to smile at our cameras. How exciting it would have been had one of us dropped the frame! The queen bee graced us with her presence. Until now I still want to argue that bees let her pass by not because of her authority but because of how large she was but I don’t speak bee so my argument is groundless.

4. Buy souvenirs from the shops on the other side of the Tigbao Hanging Bridge, Loboc.

It may be because of the Php 30 “entrance” fee but travelers could get cheaper merchandise on the other side of the bridge–granted that they make it to the other side and return. The bamboo bridge is sturdy but not for the faint of heart. Travelers sensitive to the slightest movement of a hanging bridge might not enjoy how it moves when a group decides to cross it together. Still though, it offers a gorgeous view of the river.

5. Try Exotic Chichaworm in Bohol Enchanted

The Going Bulilit episode on Chichaworm may inspire travelers to try this exotic food packed in small take-away bags in Bohol Enchanted for only Php 75. Protein after all is still pretty much part of our diet. Exotic Chichaworm may be available in other parts of Bohol but having a glass of fresh Coconut juice in a botanical garden adds up to its appeal.

6. Get in touch with Nature.

  • Have a sumptuous lunch at Rioverde Floating Restaurant as singers serenade you.
  • Appreciate the vulnerability of butterflies and the sleekness of snakes in Bohol Python and Wildlife Park and Butterfly Sanctuary.
  • Feed the tarsiers in Bohol Enchanted and take photos with their lovely flowers.
  • Play with the waves along Alona beach.

7. Enjoy the Boholano food.

Truth be told I was looking forward to being stuffed with authentic Boholano food but I could only enjoy it at Bohol Bee Farm. I couldn’t complain about the food we had at the resort because it was good in its own way. If anything, it only spurred me to visit Bohol again.

With the assumption that it is a must-see tourist attraction, I didn’t see the need to put Chocolate Hills in the things to do in Bohol. Not including it in the list does not invalidate how majestic the experience was. Besides, travelers, even “recharge- retreaters” still need to exercise and ascending those steps to get a 360-view of the place can definitely do the trick.

Prex J.D. V Ybasco

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