SEPTEMBER 2018 Articles

Hello. This post was created by a person who is by now sooooo baffled by the intricate connections of the Enneagram, Big 5, and MBTI. Also, please forgive her crazy posts about her involvement–or not- in the Manila International Book Fair.

The Power of Cautionary Questions: Neil Gaiman on Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451,’ Why We Read, and How Speculative Storytelling Enlarges Our Humanity

An alternative perspective to one’s present is perhaps the closest thing to an alternative reality. Perhaps that is why I read, not because I am discontented with my present but because there exists other paths, then why not take them?

The mind of Bobby Fischer

I was in elementary when I first heard about him. I remembered reading this thick book about chess and powerful opening moves.

Image result for bobby fischer's mind

The Will to Doubt: Bertrand Russell on Free Thought and Our Only Effective Self-Defense Against Propaganda

… is an interesting read. Once in Twitter, I posted this:

And it makes me wonder why some people don’t contest things that they read online. Of course, everybody is encouraged to accept information but since critical thinking is a 21st century skill, it has become necessary to filter information and analyze.

The Difficult Art of Giving Space in Love: Rilke on Freedom, Togetherness, and the Secret to a Good Marriage

This version of love echoes my selfish need to be both independent and tied down. And I quite agree with the last part: loving someone is the biggest challenge out of all the tasks we have.

Kaizen (continuous improvement)

Thank you once again, Von, for giving me an article to think about. I confessed to her that I found #1, 4, 8 principles baffling…and challenging.

Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?

An interesting article, an idea from a different perspective– I used to think that in my country, it’s only a matter of gender. Coming from a university for teachers, I observed that women outnumbered men in the academe. This article made me reexamine diversity in teaching, not only dictated by gender nor teaching strategies but also cultural background and ethnicity.

Apart from these articles I read, you might want to check out the ones I wrote (MIBF Book Haul). I consider September as my very productive month.




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