Review: My Rebellion Checklist by Susan Soares


I received a Free Copy of this novel in exchange for a review.

The checklist is realistic, something that teenagers will definitely appreciate. In the beginning, I expected it to be fast-paced, that the protagonist would somehow tick off some elements of her checklist every chapter and it would include activities like go skydiving, have a relationship with a drug-addict or get drunk everyday. Tori, however is quite different as she tries to follow her checklist in the order that she has made them. The activities aren’t as dangerous as I thought they would be but are safe and not at all surprising for a girl at Tori’s age.

My Rebellion Checklist has interesting characters, more interesting than the protagonist actually which has made the book more fun to read. I am torn between loving Zack and hating him because he’s cool and stupid at the same time. I totally adore the way he supports Tori but excessively quoting those lines from famous sports athletes makes me cringe. It is quite weird that Annie who gives Tori the best advice regarding pregnancy is the one who kept pushing her to do something extreme which isn’t even a part of her list to begin with.

One social issue tackled in the novel is divorce. The fact that Tori’s family’s relationship is always tested has kept me hanging. Being an Asian, I am a big supporter of family oriented TV shows and novels and divorce doesn’t sit well with me. I guess Tori is still happy no matter what the result is.

I do have some minor concerns though. I am not sure though whether the accident in the beginning of the novel is necessary. Tori’s problem with her family catapults her to having the Rebellion Checklist and somehow the first three chapters don’t give it justice.

Despite not having reached certain expectations set by the title—I mean, come on, titles can always be misleading—, it is a good read.

Rating: 4 stars


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