Review: She Sees Metaphors

I read so many feel good young-adult novels that I always envision the world a not-so-perfect place but a great one to live in, to thrive and struggle, to be encouraged and discouraged at the same time. Bryce Salazar, with his novel, She Sees Metaphors, has reminded me that each individual in this world looks at life from different aspects.

It is an intimidating piece of work that will make you think if you have studied enough figures of speech in college or just mentally kick yourself that you didn’t do well in Literature. However, after reading more chapters and getting over the initial shock from chapters peppered generously with metaphors, readers will be able to see the core of his work. It is a complex web of events with Jaqui, the woman who sees metaphors, at the center.

A question that bugs me then is what metaphors can people see in Jacqui? Do the other characters look at her from a different figure of speech? After She Sees Metaphors, will we expect He Sees Sarcasm next?

All I know is I can use a Pickle to interpret things for me more lightheartedly.


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