TBC on Wattpad

Dear Readers,

I would like to inform you guys that I have posted the first chapter of my novel TBC (To be continued/ The Big Coffee) in Wattpad. It is one giant step for me because I want to gather as many responses as I can before I grab the opportunity(two hard copies of my novel) NaNoWriMo has given me. I still want to tweak my novel here and there, and improve some parts and lines. I will greatly appreciate it if you will find the time to look at my novel and give me reviews.

I will be posting my novel chapter by chapter because, as any other amateur writer, I don’t want to be hasty. It feels like giving my baby away for public scrutiny and I am just not ready for such.

Thank you to those who have congratulated and motivated me to pursue writing.

Yours respectfully,

The President




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