NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner


nanowrimo nanowrimo2


I did it. That is all there is to say. I have to admit winning it did not give me the satisfaction I was waiting for. However, the days when I had to squeeze my brain for the last drop of word or when creativity surged just when I did not want to see a computer monitor for the rest of my life gave more satisfaction than seeing the badge on my page.

I ask myself a question though: What next?

Yes, I have finally created the characters that lived in my brain since high school, but will anybody read it? I know Syme Gozun will ^-^

I guess all I have to do is wait for the book to be published, the rights to be mine, and I can publish it on my own. What do you say?


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  1. Congrats on your NaNoWriMo win and good luck figuring out your next steps!


    1. prexybasco says:

      Thank you so much. I am still trying to sort things out though. Do you think publishing my baby in wattpad will be worthit?

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      1. I think that depends on your goals for your writing career. Wattpad would be a great way to have people read it and get feedback, and it would create fans and drive traffic to you. However, I would also consider independent publishing. For just a few more steps and a small initial investment, you could get your story out to the world AND have the potential to make some money on it. However, if you just want it read and do not care about making money from publishing, Wattpad is a great way to go. Plus, you can always pursue independent publishing later as you will still have the rights (traditional publishers will not take it if it has been published on Wattpad, though.). Good luck with your decision!


      2. prexybasco says:

        Thank you so much for the tips. I decided to release the first chapter of my novel in Wattpad. I am going to post my novel gradually so when I feel that the response is not satisfying I can still edit my work before publishing it.

        Thank you so much for your updates on our posts and your pep talks. I did read them to get more inspiration when I was in the process of writing my novel.

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      3. You’re most welcome! Good luck!


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