I am a Divergent. Insurgent. Allegiant.


I am a Divergent. Insurgent. Allegiant.

An Interpretation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy

by Jahzeel Dionne V. Ybasco

People have different personalities and it is interesting to think about the possibility of categorizing us according to our characters. It makes one curious as to how people with the same characteristics can live with one another. As they say, “Opposites attract; similar poles repel” and there have been many instances proving this. However, what if it were the other way around? Would it be possible to live more harmoniously with people one can fully understand because of similarities rather than differences?

Five factions: five big groups of characteristics. Those who seek knowledge and value it higher than honor and family, they call Erudite. Candor is the label given to those who see things in black and white. A lie cannot be a truth. For those gentle-hearted people, those who want peace are called Amity. Brave ones are called Dauntless. The more exciting an activity is, the more they like it. Finally, Abnegation, more popularly known as “Stiff”, is associated with those who are selfless-those who value social service before self indulgence.

This division looks so ideal that for a time while I was reading the first novel, I thought it would not be so bad. However, it is impossible for people to fall into one specific category. Restrictions yield adversity. People tend to rebel against boundaries. Natalie Prior even acknowledges this as she says, “Our minds movie in a dozen different directions. We can’t be confined to one way of thinking, and that terrifies our leaders. It means we can’t be controlled.”

The world may have different labels for certain divisions whether in “districts” as in Hunger Games, “community assignments” as in The Giver, factions, or even countries and nationalities. On the other hand, I believe there is more prominent division in the world and that is between the Weak and the Strong. Even among groups, some will stand as leaders, others supporters, and still others mere followers. A utopian world where every little thing is in order may not look at all perfect; our dystopic one seems even better. In this world, our free will may be influenced by various factors but it doesn’t mean it is governed by any serums or system of governments—at least, not yet. In a utopian one, people with stronger personalities may try to break free and show their individuality. Their government may attempt to subdue uprisings. The result will always be the same.

One needs to have courage to be honest, to be kind, to be selfless, and be smart. Although these characteristics can be exhibited by a regular Dauntless, I would rather be a Divergent. I don’t believe in changing one’s nature to fit in. If I were to choose between having a world with factions or without it, I would choose this world where being divergent means being able to express one’s individuality.


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