MARCH 2018 Articles

I totally messed up my February 2018 Articles I know you can't even qualify that as a collection. A number of things happened in February -- changing careers, attending and speaking in seminars, requirements etc. -- but rest assured that I am as enthusiastic about my monthly dishing of articles as I was when I … Continue reading MARCH 2018 Articles


Chasing Mr. Sunrise: A Ride to Pililla, Rizal

We met with the HOTMAMA! riders at five in the morning for a 'breakfast ride.' It was  a loooooong ride from Malabon to Rizal but such was the feeling of those people who went to a different place for the first time. You can imagine how difficult it is for a nocturnal to sleep at … Continue reading Chasing Mr. Sunrise: A Ride to Pililla, Rizal