January 2018 Articles

Welcome back to another list of articles! This time around, I scoured WordPress itself for praise-worthy articles. I used to just hit ‘reblog’ or ‘PRESS THIS’ whenever I saw those that follow my specific theme for the day. Writing my reaction to some of them won’t hurt and since I love to compile great articles…

Be that self which one truly is. Soren Kierkegaard

Student of the Week

Teacher: Age is just a number. Always think that you are young. Ryan: Ok. I am a baby. Is that ok?

How did 2017 go for me?

I am not here to bore you to death with how it went –you’ve got enough on your plate without me ruining your digestion anyway. Let me just break it down to three categories: a) Reading Updates b) Writing Updates c) Personal Goals So without further ado, here’ s the list: Reading Updates I managed…