Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you! Oh boy, time surely flies so fast. Who would have thought I’d be consistent in givin Pop-up penguins shock China zoo visitors I would have understood it if the entrance fee was cheap. It would have looked like a funny joke: you get what you pay…

Student of the week

Teacher: Oh, no! You don’t work. I can’t ask you this question. Jacob *9 years old* : (aghast) I work. Teacher: What kind of work do you do? Jacob: (proud) I do my homework!

Student of the Week

Teacher: Can you play the piano for me? Rody: I can’t play the piano sorry. I can’t play any instrument but I can play computer games with you.

Student of the Week

IRIS: *reads* “Cat inherits 350,000-dollar House and $100,000 from Owner.” Oh, I want to be a cat.