Teacher: Do you like taking selfies, Eric?
Eric: My wife likes to take selfies with me, but maybe, after taking vitamin C for two years, I can take selfies by myself. Men should have big dreams.

June Articles

Have you ever thought that maybe you should have learned a different language or visited a different country? These thoughts occupy my mind because of Bang Sung Hoon and if you don’t know who he is, you better check him his works out.

Here are the articles you can also check out during your spare time.

Weirdest Things People Have Been Busted Doing in Libraries

Surprisingly, people actually do this in libraries and I thank heavens, I haven’t witnessed even one.

The Japanese Skill Copied by the World

Von gave me another link which I highly enjoyed. I practiced the act of muttering and pointing at things I had to do but I found that extremely noisy (yep, even the sound of my voice is too much for me to bear) so I use planners instead. However, the simple act of mindfulness deserves a bit of practice and maybe we can appreciate every second of this fleeting life.

Aldous Huxley on Sincerity, Our Fear of the Obvious, and the Two Types of Truth Artists Must Reconcile

As they say, your audience can always point out even the tiniest sign of insincerity.

The New Subtle Ways the Rich Signal their Wealth
So investing in books and learning a new language ought not to be taken for granted.

What you can learn from Einstein’s quirky habits

I do love sleep and going sockless but unfortunately, these to things don’ t make me an Einstein. lol

7 Perks of Fanfiction

The thrill of waiting for a paid article getting published is new to me. There I was, an indie writer, peddling her novel to the world – not exactly but, yes probably- a blogger with average stats, and writer for online platforms, nervously waiting for a positive response to a submission. Now:



“Man has been called a rational being, but rationality is a matter of choice — and the alternative his nature offers him is: rational being or suicidal animal. Man has to be man — by choice; he has to hold his life as a value — by choice; he has to learn to sustain it — by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues — by choice.
A code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality.”
Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)