Children, don’t stop dancing. Believe you can fly away…- Creed


THE VITER-YBASCO UNIVERSITY is an imaginary institution founded by Prex J.D. V Ybasco, an educator who wants to be the voice of students and teachers alike.

The Goal of YU is to promote goodwill among educators and students who aspire to have and promote meaningful learning–not the kind of education one can learn within the four corners of the classroom but beyond: through books, blogs, movies, music, other social networks, and vicarious learning.

Our Mission is to open the minds of instructors and learners to different learning and teaching styles.

To be a University that unites educators and learners is our Vision.

The Viter-Ybasco University embodies the President’s dream in founding an institution. She dedicates this University to her beloved parents, Jorge F. Ybasco who is her tower of strength, and Hanedina Viter Ybasco who enlightens her way. She also shares this dream with her brothers, Bjorn Kenaz and Drex Jeruz.

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