work philosophy

To find a work that you love and to love what you do is the only way to do great work. - Steve Jobs



One of my students who are preparing for their Job Interviews asked me how I answered this question: Why did you decide to be a teacher? I answered in different ways: -> I want to motivate children to study and speak in English just like my favorite teacher when I was in high school. -> … Continue reading STUDENT OF THE WEEK: AMBER

On Books, Reading, and Selfie

One's love for books may be as shallow as loving the notion of being thought of as scholastic. She may post pictures of herself in a bookstore, holding a book, or putting several books on her desk but they remain untouched for a long time. She may even put a book or two in her bag for the pretense of reading it or them but only spares a glance for a few minutes. The book or books lay forgotten and unread. The President thinks there is nothing wrong with this. It is only absurd particularly if the said individual taking a selfie is an educator.