Fact: Exam OST

Teacher: do you know the song “Pasulyap-sulyap” (glancing)? Students: No, Sir. Teacher: It is very applicable right now. –Richmond Charles Viray, The Ybasco University Academic Head

Last Minute Review

The teacher has already handed out the test when she spots a student browsing her notes. Teacher: Excuse me, what notebook is that? Student: –hurriedly keeps the notebook–Ma’am, Filipino (the subject of the exam). Teacher: Aaah. –goes to the student and marks her paper ‘-25’– Student: Ma’am, but I haven’t started yet. Teacher: I don’t…

No Permit No Exam

Student: Ma’am, can I take the exam without my permit? Teacher: No, you can’t. Student: Why, Ma’am, the other teachers let us have the exam. Teacher: That’s it dear, from your own words, “other teachers.” I’m not just an-other teacher. I am THE Ybasco

Fact: Employer-Employee Relationship

A relationship between a company and its employees can be summarized into two questions: Company: What can you do for us? Employee: What can you do to make me stay?