Bookaholics Anonymous – Book

I read The Inky Awkto ‘s answers for this book tag [which you can read by clicking on his name XD] and I found them fascinating so I went ahead and answered the questions myself. I’m so sorry if I can’t find the person responsible for this tag. 1. What do you like about buying new books? The…

Nihongo 101: あきらめる (to give up)

JLPTN5をもう受けましたので、日本語の勉強をあきらめたい。 あなたの日本にいく夢をあきらめないでください。 わたしは、たくさんテレビを見るのをあきらめるつもりです。    

Student of the Week

“I work in Foxconn like 7-Eleven.” When my student showed me how dedicated he was to his job. Lol