October 2018 Articles

October has been a big month for my career and personal life. It’s amazing how I can still catch up on my reading–that makes me amazing then. LOL

I finished Filed Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents and The Buried Giant, two of the books I had bought in MIBF (woaaah, I am reminded of how time can fly), but I still can’t get around writing a decent review. All I know is I had the time of my life reading Snicket and I wish I could prolong reading Ishiguro’s work. Damn.

Putting Time in Perspective (Wait but Why)

For those who remember, I got fixated in the context of time a couple of years ago, without knowing-or even considering- that in the same period, someone else was also thinking about the same thing.

100 Blocks a Day (Wait but Why)

Continuing the concept of time, because I don’t see why not, I also read this interesting article on how blocks can be used to determine how much time we devote to particular activities. My mind is continuously being tickled by this site and I am so happy to be able to include an article from a different source apart from BrainPickings.Org and BBC.

Sartre vs. Nietzsche: Will To Power, Platonism, and Pessimism

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I have been reading a number or Nietzsche’s works and his ideas resound so strongly in my head. My only concern is the threat of over-reading things and I don’t want to sound like I only concluded he was my favorite philosopher because I didn’t read other philosophers’ works.

From Ayn Rand to Nietzsche to Kant to Sartre…

To be Continued, by Prex J.D. V Ybasco, A Review

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Austin from Writings by Ender for giving my work a shot.

I am aware that I am posting this list seven days late but I can break my own rules, can’t I? lol



To Be Continued by Prex J.D. V Ybasco, A Book Review — Writings By Ender

To Be Continued is a YA coming of age tale about a college student named Azalea Anthony and her loves of writing, basketball, and coffee. Through this work we get a feel for the often turbulent love connections among Azalea and her friends, and through this lens we get a depiction of what Prex J.D. V […]

via To Be Continued by Prex J.D. V Ybasco, A Book Review — Writings By Ender

SEPTEMBER 2018 Articles

Hello. This post was created by a person who is by now sooooo baffled by the intricate connections of the Enneagram, Big 5, and MBTI. Also, please forgive her crazy posts about her involvement–or not- in the Manila International Book Fair.

The Power of Cautionary Questions: Neil Gaiman on Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451,’ Why We Read, and How Speculative Storytelling Enlarges Our Humanity

An alternative perspective to one’s present is perhaps the closest thing to an alternative reality. Perhaps that is why I read, not because I am discontented with my present but because there exists other paths, then why not take them?

The mind of Bobby Fischer

I was in elementary when I first heard about him. I remembered reading this thick book about chess and powerful opening moves.

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The Will to Doubt: Bertrand Russell on Free Thought and Our Only Effective Self-Defense Against Propaganda

… is an interesting read. Once in Twitter, I posted this:

And it makes me wonder why some people don’t contest things that they read online. Of course, everybody is encouraged to accept information but since critical thinking is a 21st century skill, it has become necessary to filter information and analyze.

The Difficult Art of Giving Space in Love: Rilke on Freedom, Togetherness, and the Secret to a Good Marriage

This version of love echoes my selfish need to be both independent and tied down. And I quite agree with the last part: loving someone is the biggest challenge out of all the tasks we have.

Kaizen (continuous improvement)

Thank you once again, Von, for giving me an article to think about. I confessed to her that I found #1, 4, 8 principles baffling…and challenging.

Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?

An interesting article, an idea from a different perspective– I used to think that in my country, it’s only a matter of gender. Coming from a university for teachers, I observed that women outnumbered men in the academe. This article made me reexamine diversity in teaching, not only dictated by gender nor teaching strategies but also cultural background and ethnicity.

Apart from these articles I read, you might want to check out the ones I wrote (MIBF Book Haul). I consider September as my very productive month.



MIBF2018 Book Haul

Going to Manila International Book Festival 2018 and getting to be part of what’s behind the scenes definitely have restored my faith in buying great books! I’ve got to admit after downloading a couple of ebook-readers, paying for a book that would turn out to be a disappointment did not look appealing to me. After seeing awesome finds and getting my hands on some of them, the joy of sniffing books and caressing their pages came back to me in full blast.

Without further ado, here are books I purchased (click the links for summary or other information about them):


  1. Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant – I overheard two of my friends talking about Kazuo Ishiguro some months ago. There’s a limit to how long I would resist their recommendation particularly when they could talk about an unfamiliar book in front of me.
  2. Lemony Snicket’s File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents – If you’re unaware why I bought this one, you seriously need to read my blog more.
  3. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince – I need a new copy, period.
  4. Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology – Thor was calling me and I simply had to respond.

These four I got from Fully Booked, I took a photo of the plastic bag for a reason. The next batch, I got from National Bookstore.


5. Lemony Snicket’s ASUE 2: The Reptile Room – Please see #3 reason. Apart from that, I want to build my hardbound collection of  A Series of Unfortunate Events. With this and #6, I only need to buy 10 more books!

6. Lemony Snicket’s ASUE 4: The Miserable Mill – See #5.

7. C. J. Redwine’s The Shadow Queen – I read its summary once when I was out and about, loitering inside a bookstore. Suffice it to say that I found the perfect time to buy it.

8. The Chronicles of Narnia, Official Coloring Book – After feeling so accomplished finally buying a coloring book, I’m now in a happy search for pens/ markers/ pencils to use for this book.


9. Erwin E. Castillo’s The Firewalkers – First reason, it’s cheap; second reason, the last I read from UP Press was Smaller and Smaller Circles and that was ages ago.

10. Tara FT Sering’s Reconnaissance – See #9.


Apart from these books, I also hunted for pens because one cannot have too many pens-at least that’s what I tell myself. You can ask my friend Tina for a second opinion though and she will fiercely enumerate the reasons why people need to have pens.

I seriously have to look for great markers for my coloring book though I doubt I have enough energy to face the amount of people scouring the shelves of bookstores particularly on the last day of MIBF2018. My heart yearns for the books below but reality tells me I can only withdraw enough money for books and be able to eat for the next days.

I am planning to post a separate narrative for my #MIBF2018 experience particularly our activities in VIBAL. I can imagine it’s going to be looooooooooong. Or I could probably just summarize the whole thing in one sentence.

What did you get this MIBF 2018?


“I’m sure you have heard it said that appearance does not matter so much, and that it is what’s on the inside that counts. This is, of course, utter nonsense, because if it were true then people who were good on this inside would never have to comb their hair or take a bath, and the whole world would smell even worse than it already does.” 
― Lemony SnicketThe Miserable Mill

AUGUST 2018 Articles

For quite sometime now, one thing that actually connects me to writing is not the reports I have to accomplish for my company but the list of articles I read in a month and what I think about them. The reports do excite me in way as they pose challenges– stating a negative outcome in the most professional manner possible even when you are so tempted to embellish it with curses is an example.

My reading life is more exciting however. from Ayn Rand to Jasper Fforde, from Fforde to Lemony Snicket, and from Snicket to Neil Gaiman. You may expect my language to be less sarcastic but funnier from now on.

How Creativity Drives Human Evolution

Hardly a new theory anymore but still an interesting read. I, for one under the influence of Ian Malcolm, believe that what drives evolution is the need to survive.

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lifted from Giphy

The One Coffee You Should Never, Ever Order at Starbucks, According to an Employee

By now, you might be wondering why I am reading about something I already know. Well, there is satisfaction in having a basis for being right. The fact that the title has the word coffee is another factor.

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Sherlock and coffee make good combination.

What is the Future of English in the US?

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As a former English teacher, it’s interesting to know that while in Asia, there are a number of people who pay big bucks to learn English as a second or even foreign language, in the US, there is a considerable decline in the number of speakers.

Henry Miller on Writing

Image result for anime reading gifMy daily creative routine?
1. Read an eBook.
2. Watch an anime.
3. Read a manga.
4. Listen to music.
5. Daydream.
6. Write.
7. Repeat.

And yes, drink coffee while doing all of them.

Wizarding World Characters that Mirror Harry Potter

If you ever have a problem with me loving Harry Potter, fight me. That doesn’t sound so professional, does it?

Reading a Book Takes Time—Deal With It

Reading is a pleasurable experience for me, whether I do it at the comforts of my home with a steaming mug of coffee and great music or while taking a train or bus. There are so many books published…more than we can actually read but there are only few books worth our time so it all boils down to how we choose actually.

…was my response to this must-read article.

Lastly, am I the only one bothered by the fact sharing in Facebook ceased? It has affected the number of views.