Quick review: A Modern Cinderella by Louisa May Alcott

A Modern CinderellaA Modern Cinderella by Louisa May Alcott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was a good book, don’t get me wrong and Alcott still managed to capture my heart with her literary wit. Is it as memorable as Little Women , or Jo’s Boys ? No. The stories in the book reminded me of the characters in the aforementioned texts but that was it. Perhaps it was because there were a number of stories compiled in one book, but those didn’t move me nor care about the characters as much as when the kids and the teachers were together. All I realized was to be a Modern Cinderella, one has to be as loyal and hardworking as Nan, as bright and witty as Debbie, and as caring and pure as Nelly.

I also have to admit that Dora’s story was cute.

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MAY Articles

My articles in Thought Catalog (here and here) and Medium did this to me. My scanty word count (22K words) is also to blame as I am considering whether to use my time to read or to feed my Google document. The point is, I didn’t manage to read more articles than I should have for this month. Anyway, here is another batch of articles I have read that you might like to check:

Why you shouldn’t be ‘yourself’ at work
Von sent me this article which I found amusing. To be honest, when I have Interview Courses with my students, I don’t give this piece of advice. I wouldn’t even land a job had I followed this. Who would want to hire a stubborn, arrogant, couch-potato?

The Big Green Book: Robert Graves and Maurice Sendak’s Little-Known and Lovely Vintage Children’s Book About the Magic of Reading

Reading transforms people. What we read is a big factor to what we can become. Now that I am currently poring over Jung’s Psychological Types, I can say this confidently.

The Fascinating Activities of Community Pubs in Britain

The idea that pubs are converted to a family center or Poetry center is fascinating. What a way to enrich culture!

7 Harry Potter Theories, Deathly Hallows

As you know, I haven’t gotten over the Harry Potter hype. It turns out I have absolutely no reason to get over the books because of Wizarding Book Club. It is always fascinating to know that more people out there have analyzed the books more deeply than I can ever could and even managed to formulate their own ideas regarding the novels’ conclusion.

The everyday habits that reveal our personalities

Honestly, articles like this make me drop the book I am currently reading and just look for related articles. I was halfway out the door to look for more books on Machiavellianism when I realized where I was.

Does Your Accent Make You Sound Smarter?

My honest answer? Yes.

Can a Fear of Getting Fired Make You Work Harder

There have been numerous debates about putting pressure on employees but we still don’t know how much is enough.

How we ruined mindfulness

It’s true that we have lost the meaning of carpe diem but I don’t see any problem with a highly ‘individualistic world.’  Or I have had too much of Ayn Rand’s Anthem.


If you do have recommendations for me to read, Blog posts, Articles or Short Stories, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



Once upon a time, a teacher and a student were talking about different subjects.
Teacher: What did you do in Physics?
Student: I slept.

Teacher: Can you remember what you did in Biology class?
Student: Yes. I killed an animal. We killed an animal and after the class the teacher cooked the frogs.


Thought Catalog byline: Prex Ybasco

Prex J.D. V Ybasco Thought Catalog

It has been so long since I felt exhilarated, that was last week, when I got my article posted in Medium. Today was rather different. I forgot to take my vitamins, drink some water and even recognize the place I was in.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. After receiving a couple of rejection letters from the site itself, I was a bit surprised to receive a positive one today. Was it too ironic that the first article I got published there was about rejection letters?

You can find my article here:
7 Things To Do Instead Of Focusing On Bad Reviews And Rejection Letters




A Realization, Stranger than Fiction

Joe Kerr and I finished this movie the other night and I can’t help but think…

This is the kind of literature I want to write.

As a writer, I am also plagued by bouts of mental block, a sudden lack of inspiration, creativity drought. People who don’t run out of things to say nor write are certainly admirable but I find it useless to ‘recreate’ a story in a genre where many aspiring writers thrive. Who am I to assume that a plot consisting of boy-meets-girl-and-live-happily-ever-after can be made better by my purple prose?

However, those classic novels, those epic movies that a huge number of audience in Rotten Tomatoes failed to appreciate, they have withstood the test of time because they tend to attack Literature in its most vulnerable part- Originality.


Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own writers have made romance and fantasy their domain and I dare not try to nurture myself in that soil where various weeds can grow. Take away the kisses, the lovey-dovey stares, the touch of the characters bodies, and you will be left without a soul. However, there are powerful writers there, whom I respect; how they patiently weaved plots, how they brought their readers to look at a scene from a different point of view that you can’t help but wonder: Why is this a fanfiction? Why couldn’t she have written a work of her own? Why is this for FREE?

It may take ten years, like Karen Eiffel, who have succumbed to being ‘good enough.’ But my dream is bigger than that. I still believe it’s not bad to hope for something that can outlast the writer.

I hope mine does.

Kudos, Zach Helm for the wonderful screenplay which, I assure you is worth more than 62 Rotten tomatoes.


MARCH Articles

I’ve been wanting to do this project for a long time. My Goodreads READ-shelf shows I’ve been too into Japanese comic books recently (so far 58 books out of 60 are comic books lol) so I thought reading articles in my spare time will even things out.

How am I planning to execute this? 
I had considered having a monthly wrap up for my blog posts until I realized that my blog count depends on how often I post…which is erratic in nature. Considering the amount of articles I read a month, I cogitated the idea of summarizing my thoughts for all of them instead of reviewing them one by one. Think of it as a Youtube Beauty Guru doing a monthly haul, or having her Monthly favorites, or empties video (yep, I spent my time binge-watching Youtube videos too!) so lo and behold!

Without further ado, here are the articles I read this month:

I’ve always thought that it is important for a writer to read but anything I have to say has already been said-er-written here.

BBC is a great site where people can read substantial articles and the links I have written above are awesome examples. I have always been intrigued by language structures be it Japanese or English and I’m quite sure a number of languages out there out to be examined as well. Still, not everyone can be a philologist.

I have written a review on BFG (here) not knowing that there is more to it than my poorly written feedback. It didn’t come as a surprise though that literary works come in different shades –or what are literary criticisms for!

Not exactly an article but I still love this list from Buzzfeed. I posted something about getting INTJ in some personality tests (you can read it HERE)but somehow answering them triggers a compulsion to get the answers ‘right’. This list however almost convinces me that maybe, yes, I am… Still, it won’t hurt to know for sure.

I love the idea that there are eight words that changed the way we think, to be honest but the crowding of words in the article made it rather difficult for me to just pinpoint which things I have to focus on. I’m thinking whether it is because my vocabulary has to be further honed by the writer, or the idea was to intimidate people because the article was about words. In short, it’s verbose. Then again, it’s worth sharing. And it has Muggle in the list, that’s enough a reason.

You may have noticed that I read a number of articles dated 2016 but hey, these posts are about articles I have read in a month, not the articles-written-in-a-month that I’ve read (does that make sense?).



I am Not That Jazz (or how I see myself as an INTJ)

Putting a label on one’s personality is quite hard. With each passing day, we grow and develop our characters influenced by our society, the things we read, we see, and we feel and these factors help us perceive things in different angles and respond to them accordingly.

Knowing this, you might think I don’t like taking personality tests. On the contrary, I do. I spend a number of hours trying to figure out what kind of behavior I actually exhibit and it feels good to learn different ways of analyzing one’s character therefore having different labels that are not at all contradictory to one another.

I took another exam featuring Myers-Briggs to verify something that has been bothering me for quite a time. I had taken three similar personality tests from different sites a number of months ago and two of them had yielded the same result. Note that I had taken them at different times as well. Lo, and behold, the most recent exam I took made the score 3/4.


I typed INTJ + gif in Google images and found responses that seemed natural to me at times including this:


Most likely my personality at the workplace has affected my responses to those exams–and the fact that I take exams well (lol). Other factors include language and time. Certainly the amount of time one spends on answering a personality examination endangers its accuracy due to his subjectivity. Say, there’s this question:

Regardless of what other people say, deep down I feel that I am… *
Pretty normal
Kind of weird

I wouldn’t choose NORMAL–heck no. There’s nothing more despising than being categorized with people who don’t know their own purpose in life. Then again, should I say I’m weird? That will be weird. ^_^ So it took me a long time to consider what I should choose.

Somehow a part of me thinks that this maybe the result of how I want to see myself. Do I act like this when I’m surrounded by people who know me well? Surprise! I don’t. But you don’t have to know what I am like, right? ^_^

What I somehow don’t understand in these personality examinations are the promotions that come after. Why do we need to ‘improve’ ourselves? Should we become better INTJs or any other classification? Or are we being molded to become ‘better’ individuals by changing parts of us that society cannot accept? There is also the question of what ‘better’ actually means.

After all, I personally believe a part of our personality depends on how others perceive us… but it doesn’t mean we need to care about what they think about us. I don’t think it is fair that a person can put a label to anybody’s character without spending enough time with him or her. Even married people tend to misinterpret their partners’ actions, parents can’t understand their children’s philosophies, and colleagues can’t decipher each other’s logic. Who knows, the INTJ beside you might be very different from the one who has written this post… but who still wants to determine if she’s actually an INTJ.

Although Buzzfeed took a pretty good shot at it and almost convinced me.



* The question  to http://personalityhacker.com

Things I Do Instead of Reviewing Books // Guilty Pleasures of Bibliophiles Everywhere

I might do this as a tag. ^_^

Nerd In New York

Nowadays, I hardly find time to read books. And then when I do (I finished like 6 books this month) I almost NEVER REVIEW THEM!! It really aggravates me because I feel like book reviewing is the heart of book blogging. It’s also kind of the reason why I started this blog anyway, so if I’m not reviewing it defeats the purpose. I notice that when I do have time to review, I do something else.

Listening To K-POP

Here’s a little fun fact about me: I love watching korean dramas, listening to korean music, watching anime, and listening to J-POP.  A lot. I’m actually listening to it right now (Playing With Fire by Blackpink is one my faves). You are probably thinking why I can’t I just listen to music, and review books. I can’t because

  • I’m usually trying to find other songs to listen to next
  • I’m…

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Teacher: You bought a house when you were 28?
Student:  Yes?
Teacher: How?
Student: I think I was just lucky. I found the right company, had the right job, met the right people, and earned good money.
Teacher: Hang on. I am 28 and I haven’t bought my own house. Does that mean, I’m not in the right company, this is not the right job, they are not the right people?!


Teacher: *tempted to resign asap*