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I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Manga Mondays

I would like to announce to the whole universe that your dear President is going to participate in this amazing Tag/Meme Bailey has made for her blog, Nerd in New York, and it’s *drumroll*:


As it says it’s “Mondays” you will see me update (or schedule updates) my blog, instead of posting my usual Literary Lines as part of my “Presidential Break.” The said lines will be part of Book Update Wednesdays, particularly in those weeks I haven’t scheduled any Book Review.

For the rules, visit Nerd in New York.


Manga Mondays a new meme created by Balie (me) talking about Anime/Manga. Manga Mondays: Pretend F.A.Q (because no one really asked questions) What is Manga Monday?  Manga Monday is a new meme crea…

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Nihongo 101: AがBたがっている (thinking/talking about wanting to do something)

Ex: 妹はいえを出て一人で生活したがっています。(My sister is thinking about living independently)

シン君はたくさん甘いものを食べたがっています。(Shin is thinking about wanting to eat sweets)
タクヤ君がドラマを見たがっています。(Takuya is talking about wanting to see a drama)
サンミン君が今踊りたがっています。(Right now, Sangmin is thinking about wanting to dance)
セヨン君とヨンソク君は食事を用意をしたがっています。(Seyoung and Yongseok are thinking about preparing meals).
カースパさんは次のアルバムのために運動したがっています。(Casper, preparing for the next album, is thinking about exercising).

Blog Feature: Sushi and Adobo

Today’s Blog Feature highlights two of my favorites, Japan and my Yeobo-my ever-patient mentor in 日本語、a superb friend of mine. Sushi and Adobo is not your typical travel/personal blog.

sushi and adobo – Hello. Join me as I get a taste of Japan

What does your blog offer?

My blog offers random topics about Japan. The 3 categories I set are:

1. Did you know? – This covers my observations and obscure trivia about Japan.
2. Diary – This covers my personal experiences since I moved to Japan.
3. Study Japanese – This is for my fellow language learners.

What inspired you to put up a blog?

It was another out-of-the-blue suggestion from my husband as we were having breakfast at Denny’s. He frequents this family resto and likes to spend a good 3 hours writing movie scripts. He simply wants me to be there (a control freak’s way to maintain order). Blogging was the answer. I am inexperienced in this field so if my reader could finish reading without giving a big yawn, I’ll be the happiest.

Do you accept author contributions in your blog?
My pleasure. Japan-related articles are highly desired.

Maiden posts articles every month, a wrap up of  her activities in Japan and things she misses in the Philippines. She also posts Nihonggo-learning articles and Japanese culture related stuff. From time to time she blesses the world with her photos.