Lang-8日本語Self Introduction


It is not a secret that I have been self-studying Japanese for about a year now. I am quite aware of my progress as I can read blog posts, answer reading articles and even exchange tweets with Japanese netizens. Considering that my main objective in studying is to be able to read manga – Japanese comics- in Nihonggo, nobody can say I haven’t achieved my goal yet. However, as I am about to take my Japanese examination in two weeks, I have to do my absolute best. After all, nobody wants to fail an exam.

One of my students has recommended this website, Lang-8.Com, a tool for language learners who want to hone their reading and writing skills and get feedback from native users. Have I mentioned it is also free?

lang 8

Learners can post a paragraph in their target language and its translation in their native language (in my case, I have put English rather Filipino). Here is a sample of my short introduction:

lang 8 1

Language learners get feedback from native speakers of the L’s target language:

lang 8 2

As in this case, I received recommendations on how I can improve my sentences along with explanations.

This is a good way to put to use the grammar structures I have been learning in textbooks and to help me memorize words that I don’t get the chance to use in conversations. I am planning to put my answers in my textbook’s writing activities in Lang-8 and hopefully I can improve really fast.

I also have to do my part and help language learners like myself improve by editing their sentences when I have the time. I cannot just receive and not give, right?

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